Blacksmiths Since 1790

Founded more than 200 years ago in a small blacksmiths shop in West Street Brading, our family business has continued until today and we make no secret of being proud of it! The Stay family still lives in Brading and although much has changed from the original blacksmiths shop over the last two hundred and twenty three years, some things do remain the same…

When W. Stay & Son was founded, metal was worked with fire, forge and hammer – and it still is. Back then, our great grandfather had never heard of a telephone table, but if you drew him a picture he would have made it for you. The same applies today and the old anvil and some of the original tools used by grandfather and great-grandfather are still in use in our blacksmiths shop. Of course, there have been changes on the way, for example we now have a modern blacksmiths shop with appropriate technology and safety standards.

Family Run Blacksmiths

Since the start of our business, skills have been passed down from father to son and each generation has added current technological advancements to our traditional base. In the same way, contemporary design has added to our repertoire, rather than replacing the traditional. This process is not at an end. We are always ready to expand our horizons.

Because the basic truth remains: We are blacksmiths, we work in metal, we create in metal – it’s what we do and we’d love to do it for you! Just contact us and tell us your requirements. We will do the rest.

The Blacksmiths shop.

We offer an efficient and reliable service and always aim for the highest standards possible.

Our wide range of products ranges from unique bespoke pieces to large-scale estate fencing, railings and garden furniture. Only the best materials and finishes are used, to ensure beautiful and permanent forms of living metal.

Browse through a small sample of our work using the links above or call us to see what we can do for you.