Curtain Poles

Beautifull Curtain Poles Handmade designs unique to W. Stay & Son

Estate Fencing

Suitable for estates of all sizes, our unique ‘easy fit’ estate fencing makes it even easier to protect your property…

Gates & Railings

Our wide range of custom-made iron gates and railings has something to suit every taste.

The Fire Side

Forge iron companion sets and fire side accessories

Garden Furniture

From colourful seating to garden accessories, all our garden furniture is hard-wearing and expertly made.

Metal Estate Fencing & Blacksmithing

Since 1790

Why use W. Stay & Son?

Estate FencingPark fencing lies at the heart of our business, and if you need any for your property… you may as well go with a specialist. Although we have 200-year old strong roots in Brading, we are able to provide and install our fencing anywhere in the UK within just a few days. Don’t worry, we always have plenty of stock available. To make things even easier, our unique easy fit estate fencing benefits from a home-installation design which means your local personnel can install it. It all comes readily finished, primed or galvanised, so you have minimal work to do. That’s why getting your estate fencing from W. Stay & Son is a great idea.

Estate fencing since 1790

For over 200 years, our family has been in the business of metal: park fencing, gates, railings, furniture and more. Starting with our great grandfather and grandfather, our family business has moved with the times and honed its skills over time. Estate fencing is our speciality and we have years of experience in providing it.

The first 90 tree guards have been delivered like martians from space.

tree  guards

metal tree guards by the dozen.

The first 90 of 140 tree guards are now complete and were pleased to say they look great. Please take a browse around  the site to find out about the other products and services we offer. We have an image gallery on each product page so whether your looking for estate fencing or a bespoke commissioned piece there’s plenty of choice and information. If you have any comments please drop us a email.